Used Gear

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  • We have it, you want it. All the details about buying, selling or trading your used gear below.

  • Available Used Gear

    We sell almost everything used that we sell new. Here are our staple used products:

    - Skis, snowboards, poles and boots
    - Bikes
    - Hockey and Figure skates
    - Hockey Pads and helmets
    - Lacrosse pads, helmets and sticks
    - Cleats for soccer, lacrosse, baseball etc.
    - Baseball gloves, bats and misc.

    What we don’t buy/sell:
    - Ski and bike helmets UNLESS they are in excellent condition
    - Soft  goods like athletic apparell.
    - Gear that is out of date or in poor condition

  • Sell Your Gear

    Most people know that PPS is the leader in used sporting goods in region. But many Customers ask “How does it work?” Here is what you need to know:

    1) We buy (for cash!), trade and consign goods.
    2) Bring in the gear! We need to see it to give a value. Don’t expect to get a quote over the phone. Condition is a huge factor in value so we need to see it.
    3) What should you expect to get? We sell used gear for roughly ½ of it’s new value when in excellent condition. This means clean, free of stickers and dirt, without rips, tears or much wear. As the condition goes down, what we sell it for does too. Based on the value we expect to sell it for, here is what you will get:

    Cash Sale- We will give you 25-50% of the value we expect to sell your gear for. If we will sell it for $100, we’ll give you $25-50. Items that we have overstock of, or that are hard to sell have less value to us. Hot selling items get the best value. Small sales will be cash and larger ones a local check.

    Trade Value- We give you 40-60% of the value we expect to get. You can trade towards gear in the store, or get a gift certificate for a future purchase.

    Consignment- We reserve consignment for higher quality, higher value “big ticket” items. Consignments sales will be split 70% customer, 30% shop. PPS will help you determine if your gear is appropriate for consignment.