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If two planks isn’t your thing and you prefer the immaculate and sublime feeling of surfing snow, we have you covered. Our staff of knuckle draggers are happy to help you pick out the perfect next board to slash up the mountain.

We are proud to have a large selection of snowboards, splitboards, bindings, boots and accessories.

Our board selection features a board for nearly every rider. We have boots with every enclosure type and a wide array of binding types and qualities. Burton boots and bindings are some of the best in the industry and Flow bindings feature a unique and highly sought after rear entry design. 

Burton Snowboards

Jake Carpenter lived right next door in Stowe most of his adult life and he and his boys were frequent hockey customers at Power Play Sports during their young years.

Burton has been the king of Snowboard for as long as we can remember. They were and are the perpetual pioneers and advocates of the sport. If you’re in Vermont and serious about selling snowboard gear, they have a place on the wall.

We’ve known many Burton employees through the years and we’re proud to support the local guys in our shop!

More Options!

We have one of the best selections of Back Country Splitboards, bindings, skins and accessories in northern Vermont. Our experts love helping people discover the joys of the backcountry. Most people getting into splitboarding look at the options and their heads spin. We are happy to help you navigate the myriad options in the world of split from must have hardware to the accessories that round out your kit. We also install the voile DIY kits. 

We even stock Surfers and Snow Surfers!

Jones Boards

Jones Boards are made in a zero waste facility and a portion of profits goes towards Protect Our Winters. These solid boards and splitboards feature a great warranty and some of the best quality in the business. 

Brands We Carry

Need to Get in Touch?

If you have questions about our products, what we currently have in stock, or need any assistance drop us a line and we’ll help in any way we can!

To Our Customers:

Power Play Sports COVID Response

These are tough times and we remain committed to serving our community and making sure you have what you need to get out, SAFELY. 
PPS Staff has been trained in COVID safety and everyone will work to make you feel safe. We have a rigorous sanitation policy and practice and have continued to do our part to manage the spread of the virus. 
Now more than ever folks are finding the value of getting out and staying active. Outdoor recreation is one of the best ways to have fun safely during the pandemic. We want to help you make that happen. We are working doubly hard to get the gear folks need to get outside. 
We want you to feel safe. If you need curbside or drop off service, just ask. If we can come in a little early to help you out one on one, we will. Let us know how we are doing and let us know how we can help you feel safe.